2008 and 2009 were the times when there was a lot of practice works.
I thought most freely in diverse ways and I looked deeply into the essence of my past, present, and future.
 It was the freest and leisurely time, so it was the most creative and I freely put many imaginations, ideas and practice works in the air. 
Now if I have the creativity and imagination of that time, I might be afraid of myself. Because I personally think that it was the best time I had the best condition and the freshest idea. These things were raw without being trimmed and efforts to approach closer to the essence one by one from the beginning. I did not miss all each one while giving great and earnest meaning to the thoughts that seemed to be less useful, the ideas that seemed impossible to realize, the useless afterimages.

There was still nothing good, nothing excellent, but I poured my passion happily into what I liked. Since 2008, I have been recording such impressive thoughts, practice works, instant ideas, and inspiring experiences without missing.

From 2007 to 2011, I strongly had been focusing on my existence and design to find my own identity, values, and visions as a designer, and had started long-term immersion for a long time.
Everything was begun in October 2004. I started art to enter university at that time.
In 2007, I entered a university and my major was industrial design. The design was fun and I was serious about the design. 
The design was making rules and creating a reality for a better future. As I became more familiar with design thinking I started long-term immersion into the design for a long time. I asked myself questions and I had a lot of thinking about design. 
I admired and aspired to the world of design that looked exciting and wonderful. 

I wanted to become a designer who achieved worldwide achievement by going out into the open sea. And I dreamed that I would have a great life that peaked.

I spread out much of awkward but serious thoughts, awkward practice works, and awkward imaginations. I dreamed to color the world with my design and change the world better with my own hands. I did not do much better than others, but I just did it because I love it. Regardless of the area, I opened my mind to what I want to do without the barrier of thought, without the height limit I want to go up. The barrier was always myself, and every time I tried to break myself.
As a first-time university student, new experiences in a new place had been great nourishment and growth in my life and design.

But it had been the time when almost everything was out of control by my hand. There was a lot of frustration.