I entered graduate school in 2016.
I pursued a new design that was different from the one I used to do. And there was some possibility.
I have a longing for a new design to come to a new age.

The rapid changes over the years of the innovation era by Steve Jobs, like the iPod in 2004 and the iPhone in 2007, have also innovated the concept of design. The new coming age demands me strong change too. 

In October, I had a burnout and felt blocked on the wall completely.
And there was still no change in my life.
'Is there tomorrow for me?'

I was in loneliness and solitude. And then, in December I decided to keep my mind going again and hold on.

From 2007 to 2016, 2016 is the 10th year I have been being in the design.
Now all I have to throw away was thrown away.

I have abandoned everything that was useless around me. And there seems to be only one kernel left to me.

Now it seems that there is not much to lose and nothing to gain greatly.
If I get something, I must not lose my initiative and not break it out by my own hand.

I still can not explain all the words until now I have told in just a few simple words.