project 'BUILD UP' 2007-2018
This projcet is 'BUILD UP'.
The word that expresses the design of HERITAGE OF SANG IL is 'BUILD UP'.

HERITAGE OF SANG IL, is the classic design project, continuously has been being destroyed and rebuilt. 

The goal of 'BUILD-UP'(2007-2018) project is to visualize 'accumulations' and 'establishment' of HERITAGE OF SANG IL over time from 2007 to 2018. 

This visualizes the build-up of HERITAGE OF SANG IL's all projects and can show the process in an interesting way. 

Also, SANG IL releasing a thick book containing all projects of HERTIAGE OF SANG IL, the book powerfully and physically give you the strength and touch from the book`s thickness. You can understand 'BUILD UP' of SANG IL well through Marble Comics, the Periodic Table of the Elements and book 'S, M, L, and LX' (OMA).