'E.E.J' means 'the enemy(disposable products) can be controlled by another enemy’, As of ancient Korean and Chinese 4 letters proverb(idiom, originated in a historical event of ancient). Straws are often not used and occupy space and are scattered on the one side. 
Designing such a waste disposable product can have an effect to reduce the number of disposable products and replace them.
If you make the frame of the straw triangular, it becomes strong enough to be used instead of ordinary disposable chopsticks.

Straws are relatively easy to obtain spontaneously because there is less consumption in daily life. But so many quantities are being wasted not being used. When we use a straw as disposable chopsticks and disposable chopsticks as a straw. So if either the straw or the disposable chopsticks, one of the existing disposable products, is no longer needed, and one object is getting disappeared from the earth. Therefore the number of the object would be reduced. This progressive disposable product can be used to reduce the number of disposable items that can be wasted, thus realizing 'E.E.J'.

‘Advanced Disposable products, Alternative Disposable products’

2018->YOUTH DESIGN DAY 2018 in OSAKA, JAPAN  (The Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


2014->YU.BI.MU.HWAN and E.E.J
2014->PENS+TRAW classic concept + E.E.J