Folding table redesign project
미니멀리즘 라이프 스타일을 가진 1인 가구를 위한 간이 탁자 리디자인 프로젝트
-single household
-minimalism lifestyle

Without a certain form, then I live a practical life. Most of the simplified tables are left untouched.

/Problem setting
Modularized simple tables make it a pragmatic furniture suitable for the life of a single person with a minimalist lifestyle.
The user will feel the identity of the comprehensive furniture which is simple and different from the existing furniture and contains the emotion of the single person.

insight 01
One person table is medium and low price type and its purpose is always changed. Because space is narrow. 
It even puts out the laundry. It becomes a shelf without measures and is neglected.

insight 02
Most of the time usually stand without meaning and occupying a narrow space.


insight 03
'Just for those who need a table that is just a table and folded when you need it, that table might be a good design... '


insight 04
It can be used for any purpose.

insight 05
I usually think of a table with a small table. 'There is no problem, but it is good to use, but there is not enough... There is no more than that.

insight 06

And I'm so lazy that I do not even want to fold my folding legs and just leave it.


insight 07
Most of the time I usually spend standing without meaning and occupying a narrow space.

There is no inconvenience. However, 'the best time during the day is watching TV and eating snacks, it is with the table.'