It is a human being to feel sadness when sad
슬플 때 슬픈 것이 인간이다

On April 16, 2014 in the Republic of Korea, The ‘SEWOL’ ferry sunk down into the sea.

The Republic of Korea government did not rescue anyone of 300 high school students who were trapped in the ship, without any action in strange and suspicious behaviors.

The captain just instructed students “Stay still”.


The Korea Coast Guard rescued only the captain firstly in the ship.
The government interfered with speedy rescue and made false statements.
Government-friendly media and national broadcast did not report accurately and properly.
They clouded the facts and situations of the scene.

And all died.
To hide their faults and the truth of this disaster, 

The government and NIS(National Intelligence Service) suppressed and monitored and disturbed the victims’ families, those who wanted to know the truth and ‘SEWOL ferry special investigation committee’.

Through media, lawmakers, SNS they spread false rumors causing the victims’ families to be criticized by the public.

Government-friendly politicians incited the people who support them.

Some ignorant people deceived by these.
For no true reasons, some people harassed and insulted the victim’s family in face to face with inhuman, ugly and even sexual mockery.

The Korea Coast Guard manipulated the records and were involved in corruption.

The officials involved in this disaster said they did not remember everything at the national investigation and hearing.

This design is a passive resistance against the media, broadcasting, government, politicians, and some ignorant people who revealed dirty and ugly humanity.