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디자인을 넘어선 그 무언가를 위해,

시간의 구속을 받지 않는 곳, 상일의유산

상일의유산 아이덴티티 디자인 2013
HERITAGE OF SANG IL is the classic design project.
HERITAGE OF SANG IL is designed with the idea that it will leave the timeless value of the heritage.

The spirit of heritage has timeless value.
This spirit is not only the past but also tells the present.

Heritage is always with us.
It is always communicating with us, and the past, present in the modern city center, is always speaking to us who pass by.
If we do not forget the spirit of heritage, it is always with us and is reinterpreted and reinvented by us now.

So heritage is resurrected in a new appearance and a new way asks us many questions and communicates newly. 
It gives us a lot of inspiration and joy and keeps us from forgetting who we are.

So I design my work with thinking as heritage.

The identity of HERITAGE OF SANG IL was designed based on the facade of 'Haan Ok(Korean traditional architecture)' consisting of the foundation stone, pillars, and tile roofs.

HERITAGE OF SANG IL identity 2013

I define this 'Easy Design'
Easy design means designing easily. Design is something that is not huge, artificial, serious, complex, difficult, but the transferring what you think.

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