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디자인을 넘어선 그 무언가를 위해,

시간의 구속을 받지 않는 곳, 상일의유산

샤이한 체중계
Many females say they are uncomfortable with their surroundings when standing on the scale. A weight scale could be designed to consider caring for them such as women and adolescents who are ashamed that others will look at their weight.
In the second semester of undergraduate in 2011, I had found this insight while designing the scales as the subject of a class ‘Basic ID (2)’ and Professor suggested solve this problem to me and I designed this product to solve this problem in 2015.


I define this 'Easy Design'
Easy design means designing easily. Design is something that is not huge, artificial, serious, complex, difficult, but the transferring what you think.

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