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디자인을 넘어선 그 무언가를 위해,

시간의 구속을 받지 않는 곳, 상일의유산

Lie in the sky and hug the clouds.

The sky sofa gives us an unrealistic and cute experience in everyday space.
We sometimes need time to cut out a space of the sky and possess it as a three-dimensional work, to look at it, to jump and lie into the sky and hug the clouds. I designed this by reinterpreting the Bordeaux house(Rem Koolhaas) and Villa Saboa(Le Corbusier) as an archetype design project.
Rem Koolhaas architecture provides people with fresh experiences and new possibilities from a human perspective. So I wanted the sky sofa to be furniture that makes people positive.

Archetype design project = Design project which is motivated by architectural element.
Archetype : [NOUN] An archetype is something that is considered to be a perfect or typical example of a particular kind of person or thing because it has all their most important characteristics.

It was made to modules and can also be used as a sedentary-sofa.
When designing the sofa, I referenced the dimensions of the Wireframe sofa(industrial facility) and was inspired by BAC AND TAB(5.5 designers).

i like seeing the sky

I define this 'Easy Design'
Easy design means designing easily. Design is something that is not huge, artificial, serious, complex, difficult, but the transferring what you think.

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