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디자인을 넘어선 그 무언가를 위해,

시간의 구속을 받지 않는 곳, 상일의유산

HERITAGE OF SANG IL was invited for the event 'project SANG YOU SO MUCH' by MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2020(Fuorisalone Digital 2020)

Fuorisalone Digital
Fuorisalone 2020: a special edition

15/6~21/6 Online.



All previous representative works of HERITAGE OF SANG IL will be exhibit in online in the project 'SANG YOU SO MUCH'.

And, 'SANG YOU SO MUCH', ver. 2.0 identity of HERITAGE OF SANG IL, and 'CAMPUS OF SANG IL', rapid prototyping about architecture, will initially reveal.

I am SANG IL! :), creative designer, conceptor in HERITAGE OF SANG IL.

Freely call me SANG. SANG, Korean designer, launch the event 'sang you so much':) out. since 2007, SANG has been designing, since 2012 the project HERITAGE OF SANG IL has begun. On HERITAGE OF SANG IL, 2007~2020, SANG has done the classic design project that aims to timeless value.

Now, SANG YOU SO MUCH introduces 10 projects from HERITAGE OF SANG IL.

* SANG YOU is simply written HERITAGE OF SANG IL in KOREAN. If sounding 'HERITAGE' in Korean, HERITAGE(유산) => YOU(유)-SAN(산).

(YOU SAN) OF (SANG IL: my name) -> SANG YOU. SANG YOU is a humorous and interesting name. In English, "Sang you~! :)" is the singing, calling, reading, speaking telling you, for you, with you by you, (with SANG) whatever your any imagination!

'sang you so much':)


I define this 'Easy Design'
Easy design means designing easily. Design is something that is not huge, artificial, serious, complex, difficult, but the transferring what you think.

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