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디자인을 넘어선 그 무언가를 위해,

시간의 구속을 받지 않는 곳, 상일의유산

약속의 벽
The wall at the place of promise without any thought. I used the 'stream of consciousness' to design the wall of promise. 
In 2013, the theme of this project was the meeting place. the meeting is a promise. The place of promise is the point at which we will someday reach each other. The past is promised to the future. When we meet at the place of promise, the past and the future become the same. This 'the wall of promise' is where we constantly pass by and we eventually meet the present. There are uncertainty and contingency in the process of reaching our promise from each point.


I define this 'Easy Design'
Easy design means designing easily. Design is something that is not huge, artificial, serious, complex, difficult, but the transferring what you think.

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